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Drug Rehab Facilities in Louisiana Counties

Substance abuse issues have become one of the main concerning matters of today’s humanity. But what is more important is to find where to get treatment. The State Rehabs will assist you in choosing between the best options available in the state. 

This is a potentially life-changing choice and people in need should thoroughly examine their options. It is also vital to have your relatives and friends around you when searching. Their support can be helpful both during and after treatment.

How Effective Is Drug Addiction Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that an effective drug cure is not meant only to stop a person from misuse of substances and remain drug-free. With treatment, people should achieve three additional goals:

  • Become a productive family member
  • Make better performance at the workplace
  • Be involved in society fully positively

So, sobriety is not the only factor showing that the treatment has been effective. The person’s overall improved functionality at home, at work, and in society is important too. Such improvements are possible even when drug use is minimized but the person is not fully sober yet.

Another effectiveness-proving factor is the reduction of criminal behaviors. This is often associated with the above-mentioned factors too. Although efficacy rates may vary, statistics show that substance use disorder treatment methods are effective and that recovery is the proven achievable outcome. 

Remedy not only reduces toxic substance usage but also improves mental and physical state, leads to vivid reductions in DUI arrests and personal partner violence. Also, every dollar spent on cure preserves $4 in healthcare costs and $7 in criminal justice costs.

On the other hand, it is obvious that individual remedy outcomes may be various depending on factors like the addict’s specific issues, the properness of the services and facilities they get, and the correlation quality between the patient and medical service provider.

How Long Does Drug Addiction Treatment Usually Last?

Depending on the severity of your addiction you have three options for program duration:

  • A 30-day
  • A 60-day
  • A 90-day

A 30-Day 

Depending on the substance use history of the person, each rehab may last differently. Most dependent people start recovery with a 30-day rehabilitation. This is regarded as a considerable time for healing. 

Sometimes, addicts determine through this program whether they need to continue or round off with this one only. During this rehab time, individuals get tactically arranged physical and mental care therapies.

A 60-Day

For those addicts who expect longer detox time, this intensive healthcare rehab may be beneficial. Besides, tailored sessions with family members and loved ones are included too. This way family contributes to the patient’s healing. 

Getting a 60-day rehabilitation at any center provides appropriate time for full detoxification from toxic substances.

A 90-Day

Spending 90 days in a rehab recovery program may seem overwhelming and boring. Yet, the longer patients stay in the recovery process, the higher the chance to maintain full sobriety is. During this period patients can get detoxification, individual/group therapies, assessment, and aftercare plans.

This type is typically for severe and long-term addictions.

How Do I Find the Best Rehab?

  1. ### Treatment Options

When thinking about which rehab to choose start by comparing remedy options. There are two main rehabilitation methods: outpatient and inpatient.


The name itself shows that the patient stays in a facility during the whole cure process. This option provides a higher care level but is more expensive and time-taking. This is especially perfect for severe addictions, as its programs are a one-stop rehabilitation with all necessities in one place.

For the residents who live in the settings, there is a 24/7 care opportunity. On the other hand, the obligation to stay in a center all the time is often impossible for people with personal life. Also, some people still find this method the most expensive among available rehabs.


If you choose this course, you will attend therapies for part of the day and return home at night. This cure plan is not intensive, but it is cheaper. So, compared to inpatient ones, outpatient facilities are more affordable and offer therapies with more flexibility. 

This option is not recommended in case of severe dependencies. Yet, it may be a good choice for moderate or slight dependencies.

To sum up, you should take into account your addiction level to decide on the program type. Obviously, more intensive cure plans are for people who suffer from strong dependence accompanied by mental health issues and have no family and friends support.

On the contrary, someone with less dependence severity and surrounded by loved ones’ support may be better off with a less intensive choice.

  1. ### Your Finances

Although the rehabilitation cost mustn’t be a primary consideration, it still matters greatly in choosing the rehab best suited for you. You have two ways: either limit your choices based on the amount of money you can pay or find centers that accept insurance and other types of coverage.

  1. ### Rehab Costs

Rehabilitation costs vary greatly. The provided service costs can vary from completely free types to up to $30,000/a month with many other amounts in between. Actually, the key factor here is the intensiveness: the higher the intensity the more frequent services resulting in higher payments.

  1. ### Your Presence

What rehabilitation you choose also depends on your personal work, family life, and schedule. However, schedule-driven decisions may limit available options. Mainly, your availability is based on the program duration, length, and location of the facility.

When selecting any center consider your schedule. However, rehabs are not convenient for everyone and the harder you find attending them the more likely you are to drop out. 

Where Can Family Members Go for Information on Treatment Options?

The Office of Behavioral Health in The Louisiana Department of Health offers addictive disorders services for each Louisiana county. 

The districts and authorities in various parts of the state provide remedy courses for people fighting against addiction to drugs/alcohol/gambling and support for addicts’ families and friends.

The cure plans are the following:

  • Problem gambling remedy
  • Addictive diseases
  • Withdrawal management (detoxification)
  • Opiate remedy courses
  • Outpatient care (intensive and non-intensive)
  • Residential care ( for pregnant women and women with dependent children)

Here are the contacts of the agency:

Physical Address:

628 N. 4th Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Mailing Address: 

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0629

P.O. Box 629

Phone: (225) 342-9500

Fax: (225) 342-5568

Some Cities 

After learning about the full guide to getting substance misuse cured in this state you can look through some facilities we represent below. This time we have brought about rehabilitation settings of two Louisiana counties: Jefferson and Orleans.

Bridge House INC

The center is famous for its devoted work of 60 years. During those years the professional staff has built its medical assistance principles making the patients' effective recovery a priority.

Cure programs include:

  • Residential rehab (long-term0
  • Outpatient remedy
  • Aftercare
  • Faith-based rehabilitation
  • Family programs
  • Remedy for men
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Substance abuse counseling (for individuals/families)
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Twelve-step program

Address: 4150 Earhart Boulevard New Orleans, LA, 70125

Telephone: (504) 522-4475

Gateway Recovery Systems

This setting is well-known for its 12-step philosophy approach. To clarify, the process consists of multiple meetups and behavioral self-reflection. The main goal is to clean the body of toxins. 

Here are provided:

  • Residential treatment (long-term)
  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs
  • Drug testing
  • Faith-based rehabilitation
  • Rehab for men
  • Substance misuse counseling (for individuals)
  • Substance misuse cure
  • A remedy for co-occurring issues
  • 12-step program

Address: 4103 Lac Couture Drive Harvey, LA, 70058

Telephone: (504) 368-9935