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Rehabs in Orleans Parish

Rehabs in Orleans Parish

Staying sober and giving up an addiction is what the majority of people want. Are you one of them? If yes, then you probably would like to find ways to stop drug cravings, right? In this case, the best way is to start a journey through the treatment stages. 

If you wonder what programs these stages include and how to pass through them, then this article is for you. So, take the first step in Orleans Parish rehabs, Louisiana. They will provide you with structured plans to ensure your sobriety and long-lasting recovery. 


These days, the rate of substance abuse is rising far more quickly than before. As a result, health issues and mental disorders become the top concerns in the community. At the same time, they pose a threat to the local governments. 

Like many states, Louisiana also records a high amount of drug users all over the boundaries. As America's Health Rankings states, the number of people suffering from drugs is increasing by 65% annually. 

Note that the rate is noticeably higher in Orlean Parish as well. People are more addicted to opioid use than any other substance. Hence, the calculations in 2018 show that 81% of deaths have a connection with opioid abuse. Alcohol abuse is also high here. 

To help the patients overcome substance dependence and minimize drug misuse, Orlean offers recovery programs. Find in-depth information about them below. 


As already mentioned, in rehabilitation centers, you get care consisting of certain stages. Conducting an assessment is the first step. Through it, treatments are done according to the clients’ individualized needs. 

Additionally, it enables qualified providers to determine the severity of the addiction. So, based on it, you will receive a cure fitting your condition. After completing this procedure successfully, you need to choose a detox program. 


Getting rid of toxins is what detox deals with. Typically, it is the major stage in your healing process. It cleans out your body from chemicals. After that, you could choose appropriate treatment with the help of a counselor. 


As a rule, counseling gets you closer to your lasting recovery. Consequently, finding a licensed counselor could better your healing procedure. 

Note that counselors and therapists try to identify the issues which induce you to the addiction. Besides, they boost your motivation by helping you to stop cravings. 

Draw your attention to the fact that therapists use unique approaches for each of the clients.  Besides, their evidence-based treatment helps the patients to overcome: 

  • Mental conditions 
  • Co-occurring disorders

Another important fact to notice is that all counselors should have a license. 

Specialty Rehabs in Orleans Parish, LA 

Typically, specialty rehabilitation centers may offer various services. The main reason is that they are planned for different social groups, genders, and also ages. Among them are: 

Bridge House Inc.

This facility offers gender-related care for men and women. In addition, the cure is designed to meet patients’ requirements. Along with the inpatient program, it also provides counseling, 12-step services, and aftercare. So, this facility guarantees your sobriety and drug-free life. 

Odyssey House Louisiana Inc

It is possible to get both long-term and short-term healing here. Besides detoxification, you may find other programs, like: 

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient 
  • Faith-Based
  • Relapse intervention
  • 12 steps
  • Sobriety 

Other rehabilitations are Oxford House Uptown, Oxford House Palmer Park, Oxford House Dominican, etc. 

Payment Options 

As the rehabs can be different, the payment options will vary as well. Before making payment, be sure to check the option type preferred by the facility. 

Some of them are to cut your out-of-pocket costs. So, let’s see in what ways you may pay. The options include: 

  1. Private health insurance (it might cover the whole or partial amount) 
  2. Sliding fee scale (based on your financial status, income, and living conditions, the establishment may lower the price partially)
  3. Medicaid (also Medicare, designed for people having a disability)
  4. State insurance 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab in Orleans Parish, LA? 

By and large, convincing a teen to do something seems very tough, right? But it is more than difficult especially when forcing them into rehabilitation. 

As they are young enough, their brain is still not quite developed. That is why the majority of them use collected substances without thinking more. 

Here your support as a parent could have a decisive and essential impact on their lives. First, you should determine whether your teens have an addiction or not. 

Generally, certain symptoms will appear among them. Once you notice some of the signs, you should take teens to appropriate centers. Those signs are: 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Poor health 
  • Loss of interest
  • Aggression 
  • Changes in mood and sleep