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Rehabs in Caddo Parish

Rehabs in Caddo Parish

Addiction has become a major source of worry in the US. It is a problem that affects not only the addict but also their family and friends. 

According to the SAMHSA database, Louisiana has approximately 150 addiction handling clinics. There are around 30 short-term and long-term and over 50 detox programs. You may also find over 100 outpatient rehabilitation services. 

Inpatient rehab facilities are available here, according to SAMHSA. In general, an inpatient institution provides more thorough medical therapy, such as 24hr care. It does, however, provide drug detox treatment. And it does aftercare assistance in the same way that every other inpatient rehab clinic in the state does. 

To learn more about rehabs in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, continue reading. 

Substance Abuse in Caddo Parish, Louisiana

For decades, there have been tales of substance misuse affecting the population, with no resolution in sight. Dependence on drugs and alcohol is rising at an alarming rate. Every year, more than 40,000 Americans, more than in any other nation, die as a result of dope or alcohol, according to the government. 

Certain states in the US have been hit worse than others, and Louisiana is among them.  Starting from the opioid epidemic, when things got lethal here, the state has witnessed a drug pandemic. According to America's Health Rankings, drug-related fatalities have increased by 65% in only three years. Caddo also contributes to these rates. 

For obvious reasons, such as the risk of accidental overdose, substance misuse may be exceedingly deadly. Though this is a major concern associated with dope abuse, it is far from the only one. This kind of dependence can lead to long-term problems and, in the worst-case scenario, premature death. Even if the signs aren't deadly, several well-being complications might arise. 

When you or a person you care about is struggling from dependence, you should seek help from the corresponding clinic. Don't wait to get help. It is accessible all around the country, even in this state. 

Centers for Alcohol and Drug Treatment 

If you're addicted, there's no need to isolate yourself. This is a health issue that requires medical attention. Rehab centers can assist you with your substance abuse issue. 

Residential Treatment Programs 

Residential programs are designed to assist you by making you participate in a full-time plan. This might take anything from six months to a year. 

Programs for Partial Hospitalization (PHP) 

PHP, sometimes known as "day hab," varies from residential programs and you do not have to dwell at the rehab clinic. Therapy sessions take place during the day, following which you can return to your daily routine. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs 

Outpatient centers can be used as a supplement to detox and inpatient therapy, or as standalone healing for minor substance abuse. You will be guided via behavioral counseling sessions. Outpatient dependence treatment in Caddo, LA, works around your schedule and responsibilities, putting you at a higher risk of recurrence. 


Consult a local drug abuse medical professional to determine what your insurance plan will cover. 

Some of them have a higher price tag than others. Residential healing plans, for example, have increased costs as a result of the high quality of patient care and residency services. 

Treatment Facilities in Caddo Parish 

The following is a list of the many healing facilities. 

  • Palmetto Addiction Recovery 

318- 596-0977

  • Center for Behavioral Health - Louisiana Inc


  • Forever Wellness and Recovery


  • Brentwood Hospital


  • Shreveport Behavioral Health Clinic


  • CHRISTUS Inpatient Rehabilitation Center