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Rehabs East Baton Rouge Parish

Rehabs in East Baton Rouge Parish

Scientific researches show that substance dependence, first of all, is a brain disease. Besides, it affects a person's behavior. Some addicts think that drug or alcohol addiction is their individual problem. However, because of their bad attitude, family members suffer as well. They may even lose their job and loved ones. Meanwhile, some addicts try to minimize toxin use to save their relations with relatives or friends. 

Situations are different and many. But this issue has only one solution. It is proper treatment. So, the first step towards sobriety is realizing that you need doctors’ help.

In rehabs in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, your healing process will be safe. In this article, we are going to discuss any questions related to this topic. 


Drug addiction killed 232 residents of the parish in 2020. Narcotics overdose cases in that year broke the record. By the way, this is twice more than in 2019. Moreover, in 2018, it was less, reaching up to 102 deaths. After murders and coronavirus, this was the third most dangerous reason for human losses. And in the first place are opioids. 

However, synthetic fentanyl is the most famous type among them. Alcoholism also takes many lives. Especially, fatal car accidents under the influence of alcohol prove this. As we see, deaths became common here. Moreover, these numbers increase because many addicts refuse to get healing. So, we should fight this disaster together to succeed. 

Drug and Alcohol Assessment in East Baton Rouge, LA 

Above all, to be sure of your disease, you must pass check-ups. So, do not be afraid of evaluation. Firstly, it is not a terrible process. Sometimes, it includes a simple questionnaire about your addiction history. Secondly, it is a professional method to know what kind of procedures you need. This also indicates the frequency of therapies that your organism demands. Thus, based on the results, you and your doctor make decisions. 

In short, due to assessments, you understand where to start. In the I Have a Voice center, you will receive a customized approach to evaluation. That is why, before that, physicians counsel you. Schedule an appointment before visiting by calling 225-432-9377. 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab? 

Surely, being older than your child doesn’t mean that you may decide anything instead of him. But this is another story. Addicted teens are more sensitive than adults. Besides, very often, they don’t imagine the circumstances. Of course, their surroundings play a big role. So, you must carry the whole responsibility.

Schools and universities are the places where illegal narcotics spread most. Indeed, is easy to deal with teens․ Meanwhile, it is hard for parents to persuade them to enter a recovery clinic. Thus, compelling remains the most effective option. You can also avoid such cases. For that, you must always talk to your child and inform him about the possible risks of abuse. And the most important thing is to be a good example for him. 

Payment Options in Rehabs 

This depends on a center’s policy. For example, some hospitals do not cooperate with all the insurance agencies. So, before admission, you must verify your insurance. Also, check the coverage amount if it is acceptable. Some expensive packets may even cover the costs of luxury centers. 

What about payment with cash or card, all the clinics accept them. Surely, except for free ones where you don’t have to pay. They are for those who want to be cured but have no money. 

You may also go to a cheap facility or benefit from a special fee scale. For low-income patients, there is another way as well. It is state-funded Medicaid. 

Treatment Facilities 

Today there is a big variety of recovery hospitals. Surely, this is not surprising when we look at the substance misuse rate. However, this does not mean that each of them provides effective services. So, before choosing a facility we should consider: 

  • Cure programsSelect the ones where detox and aftercare are available. These two are mandatory for the outcome regardless of outpatient or inpatient care.
  • Staff membersNurses are kind and friendly.
  • AmenitiesIndeed, tidiness is very necessary.
  • LocationYou will not have difficulties with the road, especially in the case of partial hospitalization. 

PriceHere preferences vary. However, it should match the quality.