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Rehabs in St. Tammany Parish

Rehabs in St. Tammany Parish

St. Tammany Parish is located in the southern parts of Louisiana. It was founded in 1810. With a population of 264,570, it is the fifth most-populous parish in the state. With a large population, however, difficulties arise. The substance dependency rates are increasing nationwide. And St. Tammany is not an exception. As a result, there have been 72 overdose deaths in the parish in 2018. 

Now, there is a way to prevent this. Besides the many government interventions, it is also possible to improve the situation even on an individual level. This is why reaching out for help is crucial. If more and more people struggling with addiction seek care in time, then the situation will dramatically change. 


On the way to your recovery, the first thing you need to do is to identify the problem. This process is the evaluation consisting of two steps. Firstly, you should do a screening. This is a simple questionnaire that aims to identify the existence of a problem. Due to its simplicity, you may conduct it yourself. 

Secondly, you have to go through an assessment. This is a more complex procedure. So, only psychologists and counselors administer it. It includes check-ups, tests, in-detail questionnaires, etc. They might also refer you to a doctor for further check-ups. It aims to find out about any accompanying illnesses. 

After the evaluation is over, the professionals working with you will develop a treatment plan best suitable for your case. 

Choosing the right rehab 

When you have the psychologist’s recommendation on the best possible course of action, it’s time to choose a facility. It largely depends on those recommendations. Nonetheless, there are two main types that are fundamentally different. 

The first program is called inpatient. This is an intensive treatment course where you must stay at the facility. It’s best for those with severe addictions as you have professional staff standing by all the time. This is also very helpful since you will be away from the negative influences and triggers of a regular environment. 

The second program is called outpatient. Unlike the inpatient ones, these ones do not require you to stay at their center. Instead, you go in for a couple of hours a day, receive your treatment and return home. This is much better for those with milder dependencies. It is also good since you get to take care of your everyday dealings while getting better. 

Apart from this main difference, there are a number of other classifications. Mainly, they are specialty rehabs for groups of people based on various characteristics (gender, age, sexuality, religion, and so on). 

Despite all these differences mentioned above, all programs have essential components such as: 

  • Detoxification
  • Therapy 
  • Maintaining sobriety
  • Aftercare planning

Also, remember that the recovery period varies depending on each individual.


Some facilities offer more services than the regular ones. These are luxury rehabs. Located in beautiful, remote areas, they provide holistic care for their patients. These are luxurious places available to a small population due to their high costs. 


When it comes to payments, you have many options. You can make a direct payment or pay with private insurance. Most private insurances cover the expenses either fully or partially. If you cannot afford it, there is a government aid called Medicaid. Additionally, some centers reduce prices where you can get help with very little or no money. Also, some places offer basic services for free. 


Teens are a very vulnerable group when it comes to substance dependency. Alcohol abuse is particularly prevalent among them. So if you notice your teenagers show any signs of addiction, you ought to make sure they get the appropriate care. It is best to have a discussion with them and come to an agreement about attending a healthcare center. 

If they are reluctant, try describing how beneficial it is for their future. Make sure they know that you are by their side during the whole process. There are many specialized places for this particular age group. 

For more information 

Remember that as each place is different, the policies and approaches might slightly vary from the general norm. So, to find out more information, visit the websites of the facility you intend to attend.